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Mantra Geraldton

Marina Apartments in Geraldton, WA

Oustanding 9% “Set & Forget” Yield

from only $369,000

2 Bedroom + 2 Bathroom Marina Apartments + Carspace
Fully Furnished from only $369,000. Guaranteed Lease Back

Introducing “Mantra Geraldton” on the Beautiful Coral Coast, WA

Looking for a High Yield in a safe and secure property investment

The Property Investment Company is pleased to offer you the opportunity of securing an
outstanding 9.00% Rental Income Yield…..for only $369,000 !

“Mantra Geraldton” is an impressive Development located right on the picturesque Batavia Marina at historic Geraldton on the Coral Coast…can never be built out..

Background to this terrific investment opportunity

Geraldton is situated approx 400 kms North of Perth on the iconic Coral Coast with its own airport & daily flight to and from Perth.

Mantra Geraldton is part of the renowned Mantra Group and is one of Australia’s leading accommodation providers with over 135 properties throughout Australia, NZ and Indonesia. Properties in Mantra Group’s portfolio range from luxury retreats and coastal resorts to serviced apartments in CBD.

Mantra Geraldton opened its doors for business in September 2013 and has been operating very successfully since this time.

5 very attractive 2 Bedroom + 2 Bathroom Apartments + Carspace have just become available to the Property Investment Co on an exclusive basis.

About this Investment Opportunity

The Investor purchases their Apartment on an individually strata titled basis so that they are The Owner and The Landlord.

The Owner/Landlord then agrees to lease back their Apartment to Mantra Geraldton who then become your Tenant.

Mantra Geraldton will then offer each Owner an initial 5 Year Lease Back (commencing August 2018 – August 2023.)

Thereafter there will be another 5 Year Lease Option expiring in August 2028….ie a potential total of 10 years lease back on your Apartment (with further options likely to be negotiated.)

During this 10 year period, your rental is secured by Mantra Geraldton who will pay you the agreed Rental (9% of the Purchase Price) every month IN FULL regardless of occupancy…Hence you will have Nil vacancy periods and 100% occupancy for the life of each lease option.

Mantra takes full control over the running of your Apartment and will take care of all daily repairs and maintenance to your Apartment (at their expense).

Your Apartment will be fully cleaned and serviced on a regular basis with no cost to you and NO Management Fees – hence there will be no tenant issues for you to be concerned with for the life of each lease option…..unlike traditional investment properties where dealing with tenants can be problematic.

Rental Calculation
The Rental Calculation is very straightforward. It will be calculated at approx 9% of the Purchase Price.

For Example Aptmt 38 has a Purchase Price of $419,000 x 9.054% Rental Yield = $37,936 Rental Income divided by 52 weeks = $730 per week.

Out of the $37,936 Annual Rental the following will be deducted:-
Water + Council + Strata Levies ($9,938 per annum) + Land Tax ($95) per annum = $10,029 (Total Annual Outgoings to The Landlord/Owner)

Total Rental income on Unit 38 = $37,936 less Outgoings of $10,029 = Nett income $27,907 per annum ($536 pw) = 6.66% Nett in the hand Yield after all Outgoings.

Peace Of Mind
The Rental will be secured by The Mantra Group under a contractual Lease.

The Rental will be fixed for the full potential 10 year Term giving the Owner 100% certainty of income for potentially the next 10 years.

So it is rather like having an Interest Bearing Deposit with a Bank giving an income stream of 6.60% (Nett) but unlike an IBD, you also have the potential of receiving attractive Capital Appreciation on your asset.

And unlike other Lease Back arrangements with some other Serviced Apartment Management Groups, here you have NO Rental Reviews (which can give the investor considerable distress if at Rent Review Time the rental dramatically drops.)

Your rental will be paid every month automatically regardless of occupancy – A “Set & Forget” Investment – giving you that most valuable of commodities …Peace Of Mind

Within this Batavia Marina Development there is a combination of Owner Occupier Apartments (South Wing) and Short-Term Stay Apartments (North Wing) run by The Mantra Group

All 5 of the Apartments for sale are zoned for residential usage providing the investor with 3 separate options after the lease terms have expired in August 2028:-

Option No 1: They can revert back to a simple Owner Occupier status – so that The Owner has the option of living in their own Apartment as, for example, a Holiday Apartment or perhaps even as a place to retire to on the beautiful Coral Coast.

Option No 2: You can run your Apartment yourself as a traditional investment property and appoint your own Property Manager and source your own Tenants.

Option No 3: It is likely that Mantra Geraldton will offer you a new set of Lease Options on your Apartment. Should this transpire, it will then be entirely up to you as whether you wish to accept a new set of lease options or decline (and revert to one of the options outlined above.)

Amazing Value when compared to Sydney and Melbourne prices

Excellent buying-in opportunity for the Investor when compared to Sydney, Melbourne and indeed Brisbane prices.

Exceptional “Set & Forget” Investment ideal for SMSF Investors 
The “Mantra Geraldton” Batavia Marina Apartments make excellent Investments for your SMSF. Secure your income stream with a potential 10 Year Lease Back to Mantra Geraldton a 9.00% rental income (6.60% Nett of Outgoings) – over 100% more than current bank interest.

Dynamic Capital Growth Potential

This is your opportunity to invest in one of Western Australia’s most attractive Regional Hubs just an hour’s flight North of Perth.

Extracts from “City of Greater Geraldton” Website Community Profile:-
“Geraldton, the regional capital of The Coral Coast , is currently in the midst of a massive economic expansion and has significant capacity for further growth. Land availability is good, housing prices are affordable and existing infrastructure is well-established supporting a rapidly growing population.

As the regional service centre for the entire Mid-West region, business and employment opportunities are many and diverse.

From fishing to tourism, mining to agriculture, small business to government roles and a comprehensive range of tertiary service industries, people from all walks of life are attracted to Geraldton’s climate of opportunity
Being a central point between the resource rich Pilbara, the growing Kimberley region and the State’s capital city of Perth provides the Mid West with a host of different economic opportunities – all of which the region intends to capitalise on.

There is also a host of large-scale infrastructure projects expected to commence in the near future. These projects are diverse in nature and will provide both short and long term employment opportunities in the region.
Cutting edge science and technology will complement mining activity in the region and bring a variety of economic, training and education opportunities for its residents

The vision is for Geraldton to be a city that is built around a rich fabric of diversity, attractive to people from all walks of life.

It will become a vibrant economic, cultural and social hub in its own right but will also still be the idyllic seaside city with glorious beaches that people recognise as Geraldton.”

Access to Geraldton is easy with daily flights to and from Perth (1 hour duration) out of Geraldton Airport.

From an investor’s perspective, there is boundless potential in Geraldton. So there is an excellent opportunity here for the canny investor to identify and invest in Geraldton now – with the potential to reap exceptional rewards later.
And “Mantra Geraldton” is ideally placed to take advantage of this vibrant growth region – and so offers the investor the potential to enjoy substantial capital growth over the years ahead.

For our NSW, Interstate and Overseas clients we offer a fully comprehensive in-house service to assist you with putting the whole investment package together – either within a SMSF framework or outside of Super – including funding, accounting and conveyancing contacts. We find that these days most people are time poor so we offer a One Stop Investment Property Service. We do not charge any fees to put everything together for you – we get remunerated directly from the developer (not from you).

You are welcome to avail yourself of our 21 day obligation free holding deposit mechanism. For those clients wishing to secure an apartment without obligation all we require is an EFT of $1,000 which is held in trust for you by the vendor’s solicitors.

This ensures that the selected apartment is not sold to anyone else within the 21 day period whilst you do your due diligence.  And if at the end of 21 days you decide not to proceed (for whatever reason) we simply refund the $1,000 back to you in full.

If an Apartment is of interest, please respond back to us ASAP – since this is a strictly limited release in this tightly held Marina Development.

Now is the time to purchase with interest rates still at historically low levels.

With banks typically offering only around 3% to deposit holders the Gross Yield from a “Mantra Geraldton” apartment will be a very attractive 9.00% (6.60% Nett) … Over 100% more than current bank deposit rates together with the potential for attractive Capital Appreciation – whereas in effect your money is depreciating in value just sitting in a bank account.