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Salt Yeppoon

6.93% Yield in idylic Yeppoon

Invest in the next Noosa

for only $315,000

Absolute Beachfront HUGE One Bedroom Apartments with
100% Guaranteed Lease Back, Fully Furnished for only $315,000

Introducing “Salt” in 
beautiful tropical Yeppoon, Queensland

Looking for a High Yield in a safe and secure property investment

The Property Investment Company is pleased to offer you the opportunity of securing an outstanding 6.93% Rental Income Yield…..for only $315,000 !

“Salt” is a truly impressive Development located right on the Beach Front on idyllic Main Beach Yeppoon…can never be built out.

Background to this terrific investment opportunity Yeppoon is situated 38 kilometres north east of Rockhampton and is the gateway to the Capricorn Coast and the wonders of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and Keppel Bay Islands. The developer fully completed “Salt” in early 2016 and held on to 2 of the prime One Bedroom Apartments for himself. He has now decided to cash up and move on to another Development and has approached The Property Investment Company to sell these 2 Apartments. As an exclusive offer to Clients of The Property Investment Co, the developer is prepared to sell his 2 Apartments for only $315,000 each in order to move them quickly. “Salt” is a “high end” development with apartments originally selling on completion from $329,000 – $1.4 Million, with an average price of $533,000. All of the One Bedroom Apartments when completed (early 2016) were sold for $329,000 and above (excluding furniture package) – so there is already an in-built profit to be had for Clients of The Property Investment Co.

Within “Salt” there is a combination of Owner Occupier Apartments and Short-Term Stay Apartments.

Flexible Purchasing Options

These 2 apartments are zoned as residential apartments providing the investor with 3 separate purchasing options:

Option No 1:
They can be purchased as Owner-Occupier apartments.

Option No 2:
You can purchase an apartment as a pure investment property and appoint your own Property Manager and source your own Tenants.

Option No 3:
You can Lease-Back your apartment to the “Salt” Management who will provide you with a contract to lease your apartment back for an initial 2 Year Period backed up by another 2 year by 2 year options (ie a minimum potential 6 year lease back) with the potential for further options to be negotiated post the expiration of the initial 6 years.

At the end of each Lease Option either the Landlord or The Tenant has the flexibility to “Opt Out” of the next lease option without penalty.

The start off 12 month rental will be fixed at $21,840 ($420 pw) and will increase in Year 2 by 2%.

Option No 3 will be an excellent option for Investors, giving them a secured monthly rental income for potentially at least 6 years starting off with a 6.93% Rental Yield.

Your rental will be paid every month automatically regardless of occupancy – A “Set & Forget Investment – giving you that most valuable of commodities… Peace of Mind.

Complimentary Furniture Package

If you take up Option No 3 The Vendor will provide you with a fully comprehensive Furniture Package on a complimentary basis valued at approx. $13,750. This is a special offer only open to Clients of
The Property Investment Company.

Amazing Value when compared to Sydney and Melbourne prices
Excellent buying-in opportunity for the Investor when compared to Sydney and Melbourne prices.

Exceptional “Set & Forget” Investment ideal for SMSF Investors 
The “Salt” Apartments make excellent Investments for your SMSF. Secure your income stream by taking up the lease back option with a 2 x 2 x 2 Year Lease (with both the Owner and The Tenant able to opt out after each 2 year period) starting off at a 6.93% yield and increasing by 2% in the 2nd Year (over 100% more than current bank interest)

Dynamic Capital Growth Potential

This is your opportunity to invest in one of Queensland’s up and coming Regional Hubs only 30 minutes comfortable drive from Rockhampton.

Yeppoon has the potential to become the next Noosa, with its idyllic beaches and tropical aura…..”where the swimming is good and the living is easy.” The absence of “stingers” makes it a particularly attractive place to swim in the warm tropical waters and the sailing in the sheltered bay is renowned.

Yeppoon is the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef with the beautiful Keppel Bay Islands just a short boat ride away.

But it is so much more than just a “Gateway to The Islands.” It is a bustling, thriving community with its own excellent amenities and infrastructure…not to mention its world class restaurants and marvellous produce including luscious locally grown mangoes, pineapples and outstanding seafood.

The Yeppoon Beachfront Promenade is currently completing a $53 Million Dollar upgrade funded by Federal, State and Local Governments to further enhance the “Yeppoon” Experience. The magnificent Lagoon Precinct incorporating a huge swimming lagoon, restaurant and entertainment facilities has just opened to much acclaim and is located almost adjacent to SALT and has become one of Yeppoon’s main attractions.

The largest link in this chain of coastal communities, Yeppoon is not only a holiday destination but is also a service centre and cultural scene for the Capricorn Coast area.

The Shire in which Yeppoon is situated, Livingstone, has a population of almost 40,000. In spite of this apparent holiday orientation there is also a real sense that Yeppoon is a commuter belt for Rockhampton, only an easy 30 minute drive away along a 4 lane highway.

Rockhampton is a major local employment hub with an array of driving forces including its proximity to The Galilee Basin with its inherent Mining and Resources industries. Rockhampton is also renowned as “The Beef Capital of Australia” and is a very wealthy agricultural area in its own right.

The Singaporean Government and The Australian Defence Force have committed to spend $1.5 Billion for a joint training facility in Shoalwater Bay. It has been described as one of the best training facilities in the world and will provide significant employment opportunities during the construction stage and on-going economic benefits to Yeppoon and Rockhampton post construction from visiting service personnel.

So there is a rich diversity of business opportunities within the Rockhampton catchment area and unlike other areas (such as Gladstone), Yeppoon is not just dependant on tourism alone for its prosperity.

There are multiple daily flights into Rockhampton with connections to and from all the major cities in Australia. Rockhampton Airport is about to undergo a substantial multi-million dollar upgrade and Yeppoon is only a 30 minute drive away.

From an investor’s perspective, there is a shortage of good quality accommodation in Yeppoon. There is boundless potential in Yeppoon which has the potential to become the next Noosa. So there is an excellent opportunity here for the canny investor to identify and invest in Yeppoon now – with the potential to reap exceptional rewards later.

And the “Salt” Development is ideally placed to take advantage of this dynamic growth area – and so offers the investor the potential to enjoy substantial capital growth over the years ahead.

For our NSW, Interstate and Overseas clients we offer a fully comprehensive in-house service to assist you with putting the whole investment package together – either within a SMSF framework or outside of Super – including funding, accounting and conveyancing contacts. We find that these days most people are time poor so we offer a One Stop Investment Property Service. We do not charge any fees to put everything together for you – we get remunerated directly from the developer (not from you).

You are welcome to avail yourself of our 21 day obligation free holding deposit mechanism. For those clients wishing to secure an apartment without obligation all we require is an EFT of $1,000 which is held in trust for you by the vendor’s solicitors.

This ensures that the selected apartment is not sold to anyone else within the 21 day period whilst you do your due diligence.  And if at the end of 21 days you decide not to proceed (for whatever reason) we simply refund the $1,000 back to you in full.

If an Apartment is of interest, please respond back to us ASAP – since this is a strictly limited release in
a much sought after location.

Now is the time to purchase with interest rates still at historically low levels.

With banks typically offering only around 3% to deposit holders the yield from an “Salt Yeppoon” apartment will kick off at 6.93%… (assuming you take the Lease Back Option)…. Over 100% more than current bank deposit rates together with the potential for attractive Capital Appreciation – whereas in effect your money is depreciating in value just sitting in a bank account.